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Rebar Detection

To allow certain constructions and to strengthen the concrete rebars are cast into it. Drilling through those reinforcing bars is a costly business that can be dangerous: Hitting a rebar while boring into the reinforced concrete can destroy the drilling instrument and can severely weaken the concrete structure. An instrument for rebar detection that quickly and accurately determines the location of the reinforcing bars in the concrete will significantly decrease construction time and costs.

The rebar detection instrument Profoscope has a unique real-time visualization mechanism, allowing the contractor to actually see the location of rebars beneath the concrete surface. The Profoscope+ features data storage for automatic collection of data to make rebar detection more efficient.

The Profometer PM-6 combines rebar detection and measurement of concrete cover and bar diameters in one instrument.

Profometer PM-6


Rebar Detector - Profoscope
The Profometer PM-6 instruments are advanced cover meters which come with the new generation Profometer Touchscreen unit. The fully-integrated Profoscope for quick and easy rebar detection.


Rebar Locator - Profoscope+
The Profoscope+ has the same features as the Profoscope, but additionally offers the innovative memory function for data acquisition.

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