Proceq - Portable Test Equipment

Proceq SA of Switzerland, founded in 1954, is a leading manufacturer of high quality portable instruments for non-destructive testing of materials such as concrete, metal, composites or paper. The company’s strong research and development team continues to create products that set industry standards. Proceq invented the Original Schmidt concrete test hammer - the world’s first and most widely used instrument for concrete strength properties. Proceq is also the inventor of the Equotip - the most established and renowned instrument for portable metal hardness testing.

Proceq’s other brands include the Profometer and Profoscope cover meters, the Pundit ultrasonic instruments, the Resipod resistivity meter, the Hygropin moisture meter, the Zonotip thickness gauge and the Canin corrosion analyzing instrument. We distribute these quality instruments worldwide through our own subsidiaries and our extensive agent network.