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Permeability Tester - Torrent

Permeability Tester ─ Torrent


The "Covercrete" is the layer of concrete that protects the rebars from aggressive elements that cause corrosion. The quality of the covercrete layer can be greatly affected by installation practises. Segregation, poor compaction or curing will lead to increased permeability reducing the resistance to the ingress of aggressive media in the gaseous or liquid state, directly affecting the durability of the structure.

The Torrent air permeability tester allows a completely non destructive test of the covercrete quality on site as described in the Swiss standard SIA 262/1. A measurement of the concrete permeability with Proceq’s permeability tester Torrent takes 2 to 12 minutes. The permeability data can be analyzed easily afterwards from the instrument's display.



  • The data is automatically collected by the Torrente permeability tester
  • The quality class of the concrete cover of dry concrete can be read from a table using the kT value
  • In the case of moist concrete, kT is combined with electrical concrete resistance ρ (rho) and the quality class is determined from a nomogram
  • Optional resistance Wenner-probe to correct the influence of concrete moisture is available with the permeability tester. 
  • The Torrent permeability tester determines the quality of concrete cover
  • The Torrent permeability tester assesses the durability of a concrete structure

    The following standards can be applied to the permeability tester:

    • SN 505 252/1, Annex E
    Technical Data
    Display unit
    Memorynon-volatile memory for 200 measured objects
    Display128 x 128 graphic LCD
    InterfaceRS 232 or optional adapter to USB
    Power supplysix 1.5 V, LR 6 (AA) batteries for 60 h operation or optional commercial power unit 9 VDC/0.2A
    Temperature range-10 °C to +60 °C
    Carrying case 325 x 295 x 105 mm (12.8 x 11.6 x 4.1 in)
    Total weight2.1 kg (4 lb, 10 oz)
    Control unit with membrane pressure regulator and pressure sensor
    Vacuum connectionsmall flange 16 KF
    Carrying case520 x 370 x 125 mm (205 x 146 x 49 in)
    Total weight6.3 kg (13 lb, 14 oz)
    Vacuum Pump
    The pump is required for operation.
    Please order pump separately as it is not supplied with the unit of the permeability tester.
    Suction capacity1.5 m3/h
    Final total pressureApprox. 10 mbar


    • Standard 2-year limited warranty on electronic parts of the permeability tester
    • Optional extended warranty periods up to 3 additional years

    For more information on the Torrent permeability tester contact us.