Rock testing

Proceq instruments are widely used  in applications for non-destructive testing of rock properties. For example: On site assessment of rock strength for drilling productivity assessment with a RockSchmidt rebound hammer. Characterization of surface hardness for weathering studies using either a RockSchmidt or  Equotip device. Characterization of rocks  and determination of elastic modulus with the Pundit PL-200 ultrasonic pulse velocity instrument. Correlation of rock hardness measurements with other parameters for core analysis using the Equotip instrument.

Download the Research Paper ("The use of the Schmidt Hammer and Equotip for rock hardness assessment in geomorphology and heritage science: a comparative analysis") of the University of Oxford .

Equotip 550


The Equotip 550 provides a lower impact energy than the rebound hammer for  fragile test subjects or brittle samples such as the sandstone surface seen here.

The RockSchmidt rebound hammer combines unmatched accuracy in determination of surface hardness, with the possibility to implement user defined correlations to compressive strength.

Pundit PL-200

The Pundit PL-200 ultrasonic test instrument may be used for characterisation of rocks. When using both P&S wave transducers, it may be used to determine the elastic modulus of rock samples.