25.04.2016 Innovación en el análisis de corrosión de la empresa suiza Proceq

El instrumento de análisis de corrosión más avanzado del mercado, Profometer® Corrosion, localiza y analiza la corrosión dentro de estructuras para derivar eficientes programas de monitoreo, mantenimiento y reparación.[Leer más]

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24.09.2015 Carboteq® – Swiss high-tech solutions for racing and road vehicles

The previously available assessment methods for determining the wear of carbon-ceramic brake discs were time-consuming, basic and imprecise. Brake discs had to be cleaned and weighed at considerable expense, and then were...[Leer más]

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21.09.2015 Press release: The development of Carboteq

Interview with Janko Meier, Head of Product Management, Proceq Proceq will be exhibiting the Carboteq measurement instrument at the IAA. What exactly can I do with Carboteq? Carboteq can be used to easily, quickly and...[Leer más]

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17.09.2015 Press Release: Proceq – A look to the past and the future

Interview with Marcel Poser, CEO of the Tectus Group Proceq SA made its name as a worldwide leading supplier of non-destructive concrete test instruments. Tell us more about the history of Proceq and its business spectrum....[Leer más]

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15.09.2015 Press Release: Carboteq® – a world’s first for testing high-tech brakes is winning over the automotive industry

Since its launch in 2013, Carboteq has been extensively used by well-known OEMs and garages everywhere. Carboteq is the first precision instrument capable of determining the level of wear on carbon ceramic brake discs quickly...[Leer más]

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6.08.2015 Webinar recordings online

Recordings of our webinars on electrical resistivity of concrete for corrosion analysis and durability assessment are now available![Leer más]

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4.05.2015 Proceq Introduces the Equotip® 550 Leeb U Roll Hardness Tester

Schwerzenbach/Switzerland, May 4, 2015 – Proceq’s roll testing instruments are widely used to quickly and precisely diagnose roll imperfections and hardness inconsistencies caused by uneven winding. As the direct successor of the...[Leer más]

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