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The previously available assessment methods for determining the wear of carbon-ceramic brake discs were time-consuming, basic and imprecise. Brake discs had to be cleaned and weighed at considerable expense, and then were assessed with the naked eye. It was not really possible to make reliable statements regarding the remaining service life of the discs.

That's now a thing of the past. Carboteq is the first precision instrument worldwide for measuring the wear of discs with a highly reliable and efficient method. Carboteq relies on pulse induction technology, which is the basis of a very quick, simple and precise test procedure. The user places the instrument on the brake disc and can immediately read the measured value.

The electromagnetic field generated by the induction coils in the Carboteq penetrates the entire body of the disc. In combination with a highly developed signal evaluation system, this makes it possible to precisely measure the wear of the carbon fibres. 

With the help of the laser, the instrument is precisely positioned for measurement. The measured value can be read immediately and can then be compared with the engraved Carboteq value.

The initial tests were originally carried out directly at the race track. In this way, Carboteq was developed in cooperation with established sports car manufacturers and BSCCB (Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes), the Italian/German brake disc specialist.

The popularity and rapid spread of carbon ceramic brake discs in road vehicles has led to a strong demand for this precise and quick measuring method. The VW Group has included Carboteq 2013 in its special tool range in order to equip its workshops worldwide with Carboteq. Other OEMs in the automotive industry are in the process of introducing the product.

Back to the race track

Even though carbon ceramic brake discs are extremely durable under normal conditions, their service life can be significantly shortened by a certain style of driving. In order to be able to guarantee the safety of passengers at all times, all components of a brake system must be regularly inspected. In motor racing in particular, this is mandatory. For this reason, after the original tests on the race track, Proceq has resumed its activities on the race track in 2015 as partner of the Association of Swiss Porsche Clubs and the Porsche Sports Cup Suisse racing series.

Markus Rothweiler, President of the Association of Swiss Porsche Clubs welcomes this: "We are happy about this new partnership with Proceq, and think that this will be of mutual benefit." Dr. Ralph Mennicke, CEO of the Proceq Group, adds: "It is important for Proceq to establish a direct connection with the motorsport scene in order to promote regular exchange. Since our instrument has already been established in Porsche workshops all over the world, this for us is the perfect involvement with the world of motorsports."

Carboteq measurement of a carbon ceramic brake disc at the Porsche Sports Cup Suisse 2015 in Misano, Italy.

In 2014, Proceq introduced the measuring instrument to a wide audience at the 84th Geneva International Motor Show and received very positive feedback. This year, Proceq will be presenting Carboteq to a large international audience at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

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