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Corrosion Monitoring

Since reinforced concrete will be subject to a corrosion process that ultimately leads to a total failure of the structure, corrosion monitoring is essential. In the first stage, aggressive elements penetrate into the structure. On reaching the rebars, high concentrations of those elements attack the passive layer of hydrated iron oxide that protects the rebar against corrosion. Rust begins to form which eventually leads to structural failure. Early diagnosis and monitoring of seemingly healthy concrete cover allows pre-emptive corrosion control measures to reduce unwanted risks.

The Canin+ is an instrument for corrosion monitoring allowing rapid, comprehensive tests of the site and provides a assessment of locations where corrosion is likely to take place before the rust becomes visible. This corrosion monitoring allows the user to reduce the costs of corrective maintenance significantly.



Corrosion Analysis – Canin+
Moisture Meter - Hygropin
The Canin+ is the fastest instrument for corrosion monitoring, offering a practical, cost-effective approach to the investigation of reinforced concrete.The Hygropin moisture meter offers the perfect solution to identify and monitor moisture in concrete.


Resipod is a fully integrated 4-point Wenner probe, designed to measure the electrical resistivity of concrete in a completely non-destructive test.

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