Metal Hardness Testing

The inventor of the Leeb rebound technique has put its many years of experience into the development of the famous Equotip – Proceq’s product family for metal hardness testing. Proceq revolutionized the market in 1975 when it launched the first Equotip.

The newest generation, Equotip 3, is unmatched in its implementation of the portable metal hardness testing concept and has therefore become established as a globally recognized measuring technique.

The Equotip Piccolo 2 and Bambino 2 are both suited for on-site hardness checks of metals where the test indentation should be as small as possible. The Equotip Piccolo 2 offers the same features for metal hardness testing, but offers additionally user defined hardness conversions and the Proceq invented software Piccolink.

The Equostat is ideal for the testing of light, thin-walled or tubular parts and is rounding of Proceq’s metal hardness testing portfolio.

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