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New frontier for global asset inspection and maintenance

Press Release (Zurich / Singapore, September 09, 2019, 10:00am CEST)

At the Global Summit in Singapore on 28th August, 2019, the Tectus Group revealed not only the creation of a new holding company – Screening Eagle Technologies – but also launched six new non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection solutions, plus the world’s first pure software inspection tool and much more. This firmly underlines the organization’s commitment to disrupting the inspection space by leveraging digital technology to improve the health and maintenance of the world’s most valuable infrastructure and assets.

Delivering the keynote address at the Global Summit 2019 held at Singapore’s MES Theater, Tectus Group CEO, Marcel Poser described how Proceq and Tectus Dreamlab – now both part of Screening Eagle Technologies – were joining forces to harness the powerful combination of advanced sensors and hardware with intelligent software and utilize digital twins to maximize the health and net present value (NPV) of assets. He outlined the vision of a future where the health of the world’s most important buildings and infrastructure assets will be proactively managed for optimum life and efficiency while minimizing cost and risk to asset owners and society at large.

This digital journey began with the 2017 Global Summit in Zurich, where Proceq announced ground-breaking new Live products and transformative business models powered by cloud software, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) in collaboration with Tectus Dreamlab. Now the next generation of Proceq Live inspection solutions have been unveiled, including:

  • Pundit® PD8000 – breakthroughs in signal processing and imaging enable users to look into concrete with great accuracy and detect features and flaws with deep and precise 3D imaging, both on iPad and by using the InterSAFT PC software. This is the product of choice for experts, while being user-friendly for everyone in the concrete inspection business. 
  • Proceq® GP8800 – the most advanced GPR device the world has ever seen is lightweight, autonomous and ultraportable; it has a tiny footprint and yet features colossal performance. Its groundbreaking measurement performance and usability is enabled by its iPad app and cloud services. 
  • Proceq® GS8000 – carefully engineered around the user, this new inspection solution brings unique GPR technology and user-friendly, intuitive mobile and cloud-enabled software to the global challenge of for utility locating and imaging.
  • Proceq® UT8000 – user-centric with superior ergonomics as standard, this pocket-sized solution combines Swiss-made electronics with intelligent software and unparalleled features, such as “time-travel traceability” and touch-based calibration. 
  • Silver Schmidt® OS8200 – this digital expansion of Proceq’s legendary Schmidt product family is the new benchmark for strength and uniformity testing of concrete with high accuracy and productivity. The new hammer works with an iOS app within the Proceq Live digital ecosystem.
  • Zehntner® ZG8000 – the world’s smallest cloud-connected glossmeter can reach places other devices won’t fit and get accurate measurements even in the toughest of conditions. Its stray light compensation feature helps to ensure accurate measurements.

The roll-out of these new solutions is ongoing. Full technical specifications and user information will be available on the Proceq website in the coming days.

There was also a sneak preview for delegates of a future technology – Eagle® Inspect – the world’s first software-only inspection tool designed to integrate all inspection data into a single platform, allow customizable reporting and support workflow management. 

Eagle® Inspect will seamlessly integrate both the newly announced range as well as the organization’s existing cloud enabled portfolio and is due for release in quarter 2, 2020. Meanwhile, Tectus Group extended a unique invitation to asset owners, local governments and inspectors to supercharge their inspections by collaborating in the beta testing of Eagle Inspect prior to the market launch.

The innovations launched extended not only to innovative sensor and software products, but also to the approach to pricing and partnership. Barriers to ownership have plunged through subscription models lowering the cost of ownership by around 60% compared with traditional sales and pricing approaches.  This will enable more users to benefit from world-leading Proceq product range, while making the instruments easier and more beneficial to own while always ensuring customers access to the latest features via the instruments’ dedicated software apps.

To further support predictable cash flows and operating expenses for customers, Eagle® Care was also launched at the Global Summit. For a one-off annual fee, it takes care of unpredictable costs such as device calibration, repair and replacement.

Marcel Poser, Proceq Executive Chairman and Tectus Group CEO commented: “The Proceq – Screening Eagle Summit represents the culmination of the best in Swiss and Singaporean research and technology, and we are pleased to reveal the new frontier of asset inspection and maintenance with our new company Screening Eagle Technologies. Investment and development do not stop here; we continue to push the boundaries we have set and intend to be a true partner for the asset space, to jointly protect the structures that matter most in our lives.”

Proceq CEO Dr. Ralph Mennicke said: “The marriage of our hardware and established global market position with a digital-first approach uniquely positions us to disrupt the inspection market, where we believe we will become the first unicorn in inspection technology. Our thanks go to the exceptionally talented and hard-working teams at Proceq and Tectus Dreamlab who have contributed so much to what we have announced at the Global Summit – and who will continue to deliver yet more devices and software for the industry moving forward.”

Craig Rice, Executive Director of Tectus Dreamlab commented: “In Singapore, we have access to some of the best qualified and highly agile technical staff. They share our dedication and commitment to leveraging the world’s most advanced technologies in developing and delivering software for new and accessible products. Our Fusionopolis base has enabled us to build a great network of business and research partnerships and secure collaborative support from a number of institutions in Singapore. We look forward to delivering still more powerful and intuitive solutions for the inspection industry in the months ahead.”