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Proceq preannounces launch of new Pundit ultrasonic testing model

October 13, 2016

Swiss-based Proceq on track to launch new ultrasonic array detection solution

Schwerzenbach/Switzerland, October 13, 2016 – Global leader in portable measurement solutions for non-destructive testing, Proceq, has today preannounced that the company will shortly be launching a new ultrasonic detection solution aimed primarily at the concrete testing market.

The new device will be part of Proceq’s well-established and highly successful Pundit ultrasonic range of detection equipment. The new configurable multi-channel array system will offer end-users greater flexibility, ease of use, immediate and on-going real-time measurement – and will be substantially faster and more accurate than any other standard equipment currently available on the market. It will come already equipped to receive additional enhancements, expected next year, which will help customers to maximize their investment still further.

Proceq CEO Ralph Mennicke said: “This new product will revolutionize ultrasonic testing on concrete structures and specimens, as we will exploit its full potential over the next years to engage expert and NDT user communities. Concrete scanning will for the first time also be efficient and fast with ultrasonic test equipment. At the same time, it will combine Proceq's quality, service and global distribution standards.”

Marcel Poser, Proceq Executive Chairman and Tectus Group CEO commented: “Proceq has built up considerable knowledge in ultrasonic testing of concrete since the acquisition of CNS Farnell in 2009. Major investments in Proceq and Tectus R&D continue and further advanced NDT products are expected to be added to the Proceq portfolio over the next 12 months.”