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Rebound hammer test without correlation to core compressive strength – now also available with SilverSchmidt

January 25, 2017

Latest revision of German National Annex to DIN EN 13791.

The standard DIN EN 13791 describes the classification of the compressive strength in structures or structural elements. According to the previous German National Annex, it was permissible to carry out compressive strength classifications without correlation to core compressive strength using rebound hammers that worked with the R-value (Proceq’s Original and Schmidt). The new German National Annex now allows the same application with the SilverSchmidt concrete test hammer, which uses with the Q-value as its measuring principle.

Proceq’s SilverSchmidt is a fully integrated, digital concrete test hammer, which enables a precise measurement of the rebound value based on the quotient of the impact and rebound velocities of the hammer mass. The advantages of the SilverSchmidt are:

  • Automatic calculation of the rebound value according to international standards
  • First class correlations to compressive strength with the lowest dispersion for specific concrete mixes
  • Extremely durable with long service intervals in comparision with classical hammers

Link to the published standard DIN EN 13791/A20:2017-02