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Proceq products used for sustainable construction

May 5, 2017

Zadar is a Croatian city of exceptional history full of historical and cultural monuments. In April 2017, the city hosted the 1st International Conference on Construction Materials for Sustainable Future (CoMS 2017). The overall goal of the conference was to promote international partnerships and to bring together scientists and experts in the fields of construction materials and civil engineering. The longer-term aim was to nurture the exchange of information and experience on an international scale towards finding innovative, practical and durable solutions for sustainable construction.

The conference which attracted delegates and speakers from all around the globe was organized by the University of Zagreb's Faculty of Civil Engineering with co-organizers the University of Novi Sad's Faculty of Technical Science, ZAG - Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute and BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing.

Proceq Product Manager David Corbett delivered a presentation on structural assessment using ultrasonic pulse echo imaging, while Proceq Sales Engineer Lubos Misak presented the range of Proceq concrete testing instruments and facilitated hands-on demos.

Professor Emerita Dubravka Bjegovic of the University of Zagreb's Faculty of Civil Engineering publicly acknowledged David Corbett's contribution to the conference and thanked him for his informative presentation.

David Corbett commented: "This was a great opportunity to introduce delegates to the subject of structural assessment using ultrasonic tomographic imaging, as offered by our new Pundit 250 Array detection solution." To which Lubos Misak added: "The practical demonstration of the Proceq range of concrete testing instruments proved very popular with delegates who not only found them easy-to-use, but also developed a greater understanding of real-life situations where their use would be beneficial."

Proceq CEO Ralph Mennicke thanked the organizers: "The University of Zagreb's Faculty of Civil Engineering are to be congratulated for drawing an international audience and worldwide attention to an important subject. The need for practical innovation to support sustainability in the construction and civil engineering sector has never been greater. Proceq has a long-standing commitment to knowledge-sharing to improve international best practices."