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Proceq Coating and Film Testing

Proceq ZCC2087 and ZCT210 cross cut testers

Cross-cut test

The cross-cut test is a very rapid and simple method for the assessment of single and multi-coat systems. Here, cuts in a 30° angle (method A) or right-angle (method B) are executed so that you receive a lattice pattern or an X-shape. These test methods can be used as quick pass/fail tests. When applied to a multi-coat system, assessment of the adhesion of individual layers of the coating among each other may be carried out.

Learn More about the Proceq ZCC 2087 Cross Cut Tester and the Proceq ZCT 2160 Cross Cut Templet

Surface resistance

The surface resistance is an important quality factor. The scratch resistance can be defined with the Proceq ZHT 2093 Pocket Hardness Tester. For Crocking, Scrub and Washability tests, we offer the Proceq ZAA 2600 Universal unit.

Film thickness

For cost and quality reasons the determination of both, the wet and dry thickness has become more important. For determining the wet film thickness we offer the
Proceq ZWW 2100 - 2104 Wet Film Thickness Wheel. For checking the dry film thickness of road markings we offer the Zehntner ZMM 5000 Digital Marking Gauge.

Alternatively, we offer also the handy Zehntner ZMK 5051 and 5051.inch Road Marking Control Kit specially designed for quality control of road markings with the entire range of measuring and test equipment for determination of wet film thickness, dry film thickness, temperature, relative humidity as well as the amount and embedding of drop-on-materials.

Skid resistance

The frictional resistance of walkable surfaces have an impact on the slip potential and hence are a safety issue. For testing the skid resistance, we offer different portable
Proceq skid resistance testers.