Augmented Reality and Proceq GPR Live

Literally looking into concrete

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used to image the subsurface. Proceq GPR Live is a groundbreaking GPR for imaging of concrete structures; powered by the world’s first Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave hardware miniaturized in a handheld scanner and driven with cutting-edge algorithms, intuitive software on iPad, and cloud computing, Proceq GPR allows real time imaging that has been so far not thought possible.

Proceq GPR Live is also the world’s first large scale Augmented-Reality (AR)-empowered solution for industry application, available on Apple iPad with iOS 12. In other words, you can now augment the world around you with GPR 2D and 3D visualizations that will merged seamlessly into the environment around you.

AR experience using Proceq GPR Live

  1. Install iOS 12 and the the latest version of the Proceq GPR Live App from the Apple App Store for free and set up the product as per tutorial instructions (also available within the App). 
  2. Use the Proceq GPR Live Grid Paper with the AR marker, supplied with the latest Proceq GPR Live product units. You can download the latest Grid Paper (5 cm / 10 cm / 2 in / 4 in) and print in in 'Actual size'. Alternatively, and if you do not have a grid paper with the AR Marker, download and print the dedicated AR Marker and place it in the centre of your traditional grid paper.
  3. Perform and record an area scan. 
  4. In time-slide or 3D view mode in the app, tap the AR button. Now, scan the world surrounding the grid paper and finally move closely to grid paper with the AR marker and the AR experience will appear.
  5. By swiping up and down with two fingers, you can switch between the time-slice and the 3D view AR experiences.
  6. A horizonal swipe in the time-slice mode changes the transparency of the 2D AR visualization.
  7. A double tap raises the 3D visualization out of the structure and places it back into its original position. You can also move the 3D visualization by sliding vertically on the screen. 

Why use Augmented Reality on-site

The solution projects tomographic time-slice and 3D visualization into the environment around you by looking through the iPad. The end result is a straightforward and intuitive visualization of measurements that radically facilitates data interpretation on site.

  1. You can use this solution to clearly visualize objects and flaws for both specialists and non-GPR specialists. 
  2. Mark objects identified on the time-slice image onto the concrete surface while looking through the iPad.

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System requirements

  1. Ensure you have an AR-capable iPad.
  2. Ensure to install Apple’s iOS 12 or a later version.
  3. Download the latest Proceq GPR Live App version.



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