GPR-SLICE meets Proceq GPR

GPR-SLICE is an extensive and all-inclusive ground penetrating radar imaging software designed for the creation of 2D/3D subsurface images for use in a variety of geotechnical, engineering, and archaeological applications.

The software is designed to process GPR raw data and display the results in 2D and 3D. This is possible thanks to its ability to remove noises and creating a comprehensive subsurface image out of the measured data. GPR-Slice helps users interpret the actual rebar layers or any other relevant object contained within the image and highlight structures at different depths thanks to its unique overlay option.

What ground-breaking functionalities can you expect?

  • It has an extremely powerful analysis engine that complements the Proceq GPR family
  • Get in-depth data analysis and understanding of the GPR measurements
  • It offers complete imaging and signal processing steps needed for 2D and 3D visualisation
  • It operates on powerful radargram processing algorithms for an improved data visualisation
  • BlueBox© processes macros from raw data to radar signal processing to image processing and final 3D volumes in just a few clicks!
  • It is compatible with single and multi-channel equipment


Complete your GPR analysis through overlaying user-defined depth slice levels, 3D volumes and line data with complete transform control 

To summarise, GPR-SLICE is rich in ways data can be visualised, combined, and represented, including time slice, 3D volume and iso surface.

The data export capabilities allow you to use the collected data in different software environments such as AutoCAD, directly in the design process. It also allows complete integration with GPS navigation, including GPR/GPS volume imaging and time slices (also random GPR track, the yaw, tilt and pitch of the antenna) for the best positioning and orientation of the collected data and seamless integration and interpolation across GPR/GPS tracks.