Pundit Vision

Proceq is strategically investing into the future of asset inspection. A future that relies on intelligent software solutions and powerful sensors.

With structural damage, deterioration, and depreciation being caused at an unfortunate rate globally, there has never been a better time to embrace the Pundit product line. Now, contributing to the most versatile range of ultrasonic testing instruments we are proudly introducing our new premier PC software package, Pundit Vision.

Expand your analysis and imaging capabilities for ultrasonic concrete screening technology

Pundit Vision offers excellent visualization and analysis of ultrasonic pulse-echo data, empowering inspections with the first of its kind capabilities. It has been developed by the University of Kassel as InterSAFT and further advanced by Screening Eagle Technologies to fit the needs of the on-site concrete evaluation even better.

What ground-breaking functionalities can you expect?

Extend your visualization and data processing capabilities of the Pundit Live Array with the use of these Pundit Vision features;

  • Import and reconstruct your data captured with the Pundit Live Array in 2D and 3D with advanced visualization features.
  • Get enhanced and definitive insights, thanks to advanced and extended capabilities of data manipulation and free choice of gathered datasets before processing and reconstruction
  • Move through the 3D reconstructed image slice by slice, inspecting the areas of concern in intricate detail and accuracy
  • Expand your analysis across multiple data sets – cutting-edge algorithms allow for simultaneous visualization, increasing the level of analysis insights and boosting your productivity
  • Combine your stripe scans or line scans and retrieve a grand overview of the on-site inspection job you performed
  • Combine your data for higher accuracy and precision of your investigation 
  • Get additional and specific insights, and interpret your data with added confidence by identifying materials within the structure, thanks to capabilities of phase visualization and evaluation


Pundit Vision Pro, our elite package that is highly recommended by the experts, brings you revolutionary analysis and visualisation, allowing full processing of your data, including simultaneous analysis of multiple data sets bringing your inspection capabilities to the next level.

Pundit Vision Pro
2D visualization 
3D visualization
Import data
Export data
Multiple file processing 
Multiple file analysis  
Multiple file visualization 
Data pre-processing   
Data filtering  
Data reconstruction
Phase visualzation and evaluation

Pundit Vision