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Interview with Isaac Heng, Proceq Chief Business Development Officer: Passion for Change

July 25th, 2018

What attracted you to join Proceq?

Most of all, I was drawn to Proceq’s digital agenda and the company’s positive approach to IoT engagement.
Having been involved with the NDT industry for over 20 years, it really excites me to see an organization making massive strides towards new technology and adopting a visionary role within the sector. Much more than this though, they weren’t just talking about it, they were actually doing it!
This was the career change I was looking for and opened my eyes to a new future.
The Proceq Summit took place a week after I joined, it was amazing. It was great to witness the launch of Proceq GPR Live and two new portable Equotip metal hardness test solutions (a unique variable UCI probe AND the Equotip Live UCI), along with half a dozen of further pre-announcements – most of them have meanwhile been launched as well. This highlighted to me Proceq’s ability to move from innovative ideas to production at a very fast pace – something I have not seen anywhere else in the industry.
Initially, my role at Proceq was Senior Manager New Product Commercialization and, to make a plan of action, I needed to find out what the challenges were in the market place. So, it has quite literally involved ‘walking the territory’ – doing a world tour and visiting Proceq regional offices, partners and customers and meeting many people. It’s been great, I’ve experienced a whole range of contacts – from customer sales visits to seminars, trade exhibitions and training sessions.

How have your first months with the company shaped up?

Since then, the Proceq acquisition of the Zehntner Testing Instruments range, facilities and staff has brought great opportunities. This is allowing me to put all my past learning – not only technically but also professionally – into practice to work in a new industry.

The biggest surprise was, I guess, when I was invited to join the Proceq Management team as Chief Business Development Officer – just eight months after joining the company.

What does this early promotion mean to you?

It was totally unexpected because my beginnings were quite humble – I started right at the bottom of the food chain. Yes, OK, there was a time I was studying part time too, but I just put in some hard work and my career took off from there.

This quick promotion, at a relatively young age, says that Proceq values competence and not simply the years someone puts into a job or company. It is a company who values good people, people who want to achieve something. The company appreciates people who want to make things possible, who are prepared to step up and think outside of the box.

How will your new role change things?

This new role will give me more options in the way I work and give me more resources to do things. It will allow me to take more of a mentoring role with senior staff and support them as they focus their teams – and customers – on harnessing change to drive their businesses forward.

The biggest challenge is people – people in terms of market perspective – and their levels of acceptance of change. With IoT and the other elements of this technological revolution, it takes a while for people to embrace the new technology and understand the full implications and business impact, so it’s about altering mindsets. After all, if something brings value to what we do, why shouldn’t we change?

Communication is vital. Often people only hear the end message and don’t realize how they can get there. When you start to introduce change, you often find people are too settled in their own comfort zones. Part of the way forward is to meet and talk with people, this offers a great opportunity to get their buy-in, as well as motivating them – ultimately fostering their belief in change and helping them to move forward.

What difference would you like to make?

In today’s world, there are a lot of people who routinely do things – you know the situation, it’s when you are tasked to do something and you just do it because you need to. In my experience, people learn because they want to – not because they are asked to.

When you can inspire in people a passion about what they do, this creates the kind of holistic thinking needed to meet change head on and steer a path to success. It’s not the strongest that survive change, it’s those who can adapt. Holistic thinking enables this. It’s about changing the mentality – from employee to entrepreneur.

My aim is to see things from the perspective of the various audiences and tailor my approach to achieve something better for them. It is really motivating when, after sharing my experience, I discover that people really want to do something.

How will you measure the success of your mission?

Obviously, there will be some highly visible results in terms of Proceq’s global sales. Beyond this, I look forward to the day I can walk into any office anywhere in the world and have Proceq people, partners or customers there tell me of the benefits of embracing change with equal passion - then I’ll know that it’s time to look for my next challenge!