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Proceq Asia moves to high tech business space in Singapore

May 11, 2018

Proceq Asia’s move into Fusionopolis – the Singapore-based high tech business cluster – emphasizes Proceq’s increasingly digital approach to NDT (Non Destructive Testing) and commitment to the region, while also aligning with the contemporary nature of Proceq Headquarters’ facilities and regional office spaces around the globe.

Proceq Asia has moved into their new offices in Singapore’s premier high tech business location. The state-of-the-art Fusionopolis, covering 30 hectares, provides an environment conducive to growth in information and communications technologies, media, physical sciences and engineering industries. 

Located on the 20th floor, the Proceq Asia team joins Tectus Dreamlab, Tectus Group’s first R&D-focused strategic investment in the city-state, as well as Tectus company Virtually Live. Virtually Live creates live VR (Virtual Reality) experiences by tracking live events and transposing the action into a fully rendered virtual environment enabling the user to experience the event in real-time, while interacting with other users.  

Tectus Group companies based in Singapore have been carrying out R&D in Singapore for many years. For example, there has been innovation within the modular construction scene for high-rise developments by Moderna Homes Pte Ltd. This has been followed by further investment in R&D for Tectus Dreamlab’s Screening Eagle Platform — of great interest to parties active in the infrastructure testing fields — which will revolutionize the building maintenance sector. Most recently, new software has been created in Singapore, to support Proceq’s strategy of harnessing the benefits of digital technology for the portable NDT testing market.

Angela Qian, Proceq’s Head of Asia Pacific said: “We believe that a first grade working space, together with an employee care culture are major success factors for creating sustainable growth at Proceq. This is absolutely the right place for Proceq Asia to be and a sign of the company’s commitment to the region. From our new base, we will not only provide our customers with the best services, but also look to hire and develop the best talent locally! In the meantime, we are excited to announce that our first partner training sessions are taking place here on the 10th and 11th of May. We welcome everybody to come and visit us in our new premises and get the grand tour!”

Dr. Ralph Mennicke, Proceq CEO, commented: “The Fusionopolis office is a strategic location for Proceq. The team is close to other Tectus Group companies working at the leading edge of technology and are also able to network with neighboring companies working in different sectors. By having our people in the right environment, the Proceq portfolio will benefit from a cross-fertilization of ideas. The potential is immense.”

Marcel Poser, Proceq Executive Chairman and Tectus Group CEO stated: “Singapore is now a key focus for Tectus Group R&D investment. The high tech set-up in the area, along with many multi-national companies now residing here, has created a technology-based ecosystem which aligns perfectly with our strategic business direction. Proceq, alongside other Tectus Group companies, have already and will continue to benefit from globally successful innovations with their roots in Singapore.”

Proceq Asia operates today as the regional headquarters for all sales, marketing and service activities in the Asia-Pacific region for Proceq SA. Contact details are:  Proceq Asia Pte Ltd, 1 Fusionopolis Way, #20-02 Connexis South Tower, Singapore 138632 Phone: +65 6382 3966, Fax: +65 6382 3307 Email: