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Screening Eagle Technologies established to protect the largest global asset class of infrastructure, property and production industries with technology and inspection data

Press Release (Zurich / Singapore, September 4, 2019, 04:00pm CEST)

Tectus Group launched a new company Screening Eagle Technologies at a Global Summit in Singapore last week with a mission to deliver inspection data-powered predictive healthcare for assets and infrastructure

Many of the world’s mission-critical assets that form the neural network of our society are at risk due to lack of proper inspection and maintenance procedures. In the United States nearly 10% of all bridges are structurally deficient, in India 50% of bridges are in a precarious condition and over 28% of the bridges in Germany are in a worsening or deficient condition. The state of other assets, across power, sewerage, transportation networks and many more, follow an identical pattern. High-profile collapses are commonplace globally. In a worst-case scenario, failure to protect our assets and infrastructure leads to catastrophic disasters with massive economic and social impacts. The challenge is two-fold, aging assets that have been inadequately maintained over time and construction defects in new assets built under time and cost pressure, with shortcomings on material selection, workmanship and poor compliance to specification.

Screening Eagle Technologies created by the Swiss-based multinational Tectus Group with its two subsidiaries Proceq and Tectus Dreamlab is set-up to address the challenges facing our assets and infrastructure with data and technology. Proceq is an NDT (non-destructive testing) portable sensor business with a strong heritage, headquartered in Switzerland. Tectus Dreamlab is a Singapore-based rapidly scaling software powerhouse, which has created the Screening Eagle Live Platform, the world’s first fully integrated, digital and connected inspection ecosystem. As part of Screening Eagle Technologies, the two organizations combined will deepen their Research & Development and operational cooperation to harness the powerful pairing of advanced portable sensors with intelligent software, leveraging augmented reality, artificial intelligence and digital twins to maximize the health and value of assets and infrastructure that support our everyday lives.

The Screening Eagle Technologies organization already boasts an extensive footprint and team of over 150 employees (over 50 in R&D), 8 subsidiaries globally, a sophisticated network of outsourced production and over 200 distribution partners, with 12 new products launched and shipped to over 100 countries in the past two years, in addition to its existing sensor and NDT product portfolio. Announcements about further organic and acquisitive growth at Screening Eagle Technologies are expected over the coming months.

Bruno Valsangiacomo, Chairman of Tectus Group and Screening Eagle Technologies said: “Today we are confronted with an enormous challenge to maintain the health of ageing infrastructure and buildings while proactively optimizing the condition of newer assets cost effectively. With every challenge, there is also opportunity. Through the creation of Screening Eagle Technologies we leverage the Tectus Group’s unique combination of entrepreneurial know-how and deep experience from industries as diverse as construction, specialized engineering and new media to accelerate digital first, connected and intelligent solutions to maximize the long-term value of the world’s most valuable assets.

While revealing the creation of Screening Eagle Technologies, Marcel Poser, CEO and Co-founder of Screening Eagle Technologies said: “We are passionate about protecting the neural infrastructure that supports our society. Our vision is to protect the built world with technology and data. We want to share our journey with like-minded individuals and organizations and invite them to join us at Screening Eagle Technologies. Not only are we looking for entrepreneurs and new business partners, but also for further energetic and innovative team members to help us achieve our vision.